Prof. Dr. Thomas MICHELY
H-Index: 46

Prof. Dr. Thomas MICHELY

University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany, EU

Position: Full Professor for experimental physics at the II. Physics Institute, University of Cologne, Germany, EU

Specialization: Surfaces and Nanostructures, graphene hybrid materials, 2D layer materials


At the NANOCON´16 conference Prof. Thomas Michely will present the plenary lecture:
"With 2D Layers to New Compound Materials"


Personal and professional background

Thomas Michely was born in 1961, studied physics and philosophy at the University Bonn. He received his diploma in physics in 1988, for which he developed a combination of field ion and scanning tunneling microscope. At the Research Center Jülich he developed the first variable temperature scanning tunneling microscope, with which he started to investigate the temperature dependence of the sputtering morphology of metal surfaces.



1997 Habilitation in experimental physics, University of Bonn
1991 Ph.D. in experimental physics, University of Bonn (George Comsa, advisor)
1988 Diploma in physics, University of Bonn



2006 - present Full Professor, University of Cologne
2003 - 2006 Associate Professor, RWTH Aachen University
2001 - 2003 Principal Investigator, RWTH Aachen University
1997 - 2001 Heisenberg-Fellow, RWTH Aachen University and Research Center Jülich
1995 - 1997 Principal Investigator, Research Center Jülich
1994 Feodor-Lynen Fellow, IBM Yorktown Heights
1991 - 1994 Principal Investigator, Research Center Jülich


Research interests:
His current research interests are graphene hybrid materials and cluster superlattices, 2D layer materials, growth and epitaxy (oxides, metals, organics), pattern formation, interaction of energetic particles with surfaces; atomic scale investigations of surface processes and reactions, electronic and magnetic surface structure, as well as adsorption on surfaces (water, organic molecules). Key methods of his research are scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy, as well as a variety of synchrotron based electron spectroscopies.


Summary of publication activity:
His research has been outlined in journal covers and his publications include many most cited papers; jointly with Joachim Krug he published a monography on crystal growth far from equilibrium (Springer, Berlin 2004). He is author of more than 140 publications (>6000 citations), he holds 2 patents. H-Index: 42.


Main Awards and Honors:

2007 Visiting Professorship, Zhejiang University, China
2000 Gaede Prize, German Vacuum Society
1997 - 2001 Heisenberg Fellowship, German Science Foundation (DFG)