Prof. Dr. Francois-Xavier FELPIN

Prof. Dr. Francois-Xavier FELPIN

University of Nantes, Nantes, France, EU

Position: Full Professor for experimental physics at the II. Physics Institute, Université de Nantes, France, EU

Specialization: Surfaces and Nanostructures

At the NANOCON´16 conference Prof. Francois-Xavier Felpin will present the lecture at the Session B: Industrial and Environmental Applications of Nanomaterials: "Catalysis with Pd Nanoparticles: From Mechanistic Considerations to a New Concept".

Personal Background and Education:

Born in 1977


2003 ‐ 2004:

Post‐Doc « at The Ohio State University », Columbus, USA, under the supervision of Prof Robert S. Coleman. 
Research topic: Total synthesis of mitomycines as anticancer compounds

2000 ‐ 2003:

Ph.D. of Organic Chemistry at the University of Nantes, under the supervision of Prof. Jacques Lebreton. 
Research topic: Total synthesis of natural products active on the central nervous system. New strategies for the synthesis of tetrahydropyridines and application in total synthesis.

1999 ‐ 2000:

M. Sc. Chemistry, University of Nantes (France) under the supervision of Prof. Jacques Lebreton. Rank: 1.



Since Oct 2012:

Junior member of the « Institut Universitaire de France (IUF)

Since Sep 2011:

Professor at the University of Nantes – CEISAM UMR CNRS 6230
Research interests: Homogeneous/heterogeneous catalysis, New technologies / Material Chemistry

Sep 2009:


2004 ‐ 2011:

Assistant professor at the University of Bordeaux

2012 - present:

Full professor at the University of Nantes


Research Interests:
Homogeneous/Heterogeneous catalysis
Material chemistry (Carbon material, biopolymers)
Flow chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry
More information at: http://www.univ‐‐fx


Summary of Publication and Scientific Activity:
85 scientific publications (published and accepted); Hirsch Index: 26
Researcher ID:‐4949‐2012
4 patents


Awards and Honors:
Distinguished junior member of the French Chemical Society
Young researcher award 2014 from the Organic Division of the French Society of Chemistry
Aquitaine Valorisation Prize 2010, for “Novel nucleosides with antiviral properties”
Novatlante Prize 2004 from the “Region des Pays de la Loire”