Prof. Dr. Minoru FUJII

Prof. Dr. Minoru FUJII

Kobe University, Kobe, Japan

Position: Professor at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University, Japan

Specialization: Material Physics - Colloidal Silicon Nanocrystals

At the NANOCON´16 conference Prof. Minoru Fujii will present the invited lecture at the at the Session A: Nanomaterials for Electronic, Magnetic and Optic Applications. Carbon Nanostructures, Quantum Dots: "Surface Plasmon Enhanced Photoluminescence from Silicon Quantum Dots".


Personal Background:
born in 1965, Japan nationality


Academic history:

April 1983 - March 1989 Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University (B.Eng. and M.Eng.)
April 1989 - March 1992 The Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kobe University (Ph.D. (March 1992) - the thesis: "Growth of Microcrystals Embedded in SiO2 Thin Films and Their Optical Properties



April 1992 - Dec. 1994  Panasonic Corporation, Semiconductor Research Center
Jan. 1995 - March 1997 Graduate School of Sci. and Tech., Kobe University (Research Associate)
April 1997- Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University (Research Associate)
April 2001 - March 2002 Physics Department, Technical University of Munich, Germany (Supported by Alexander von Humboldt foundation)
November 2003 -  Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University (Associate Professor)
April 2009 -    Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University (Professor)


Publication activity:
Publication list (209 papers) can be found in

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  2. M. Fujii, T. Nakano, K. Imakita, and S. Hayashi, “Upconversion Luminescence of Er and Yb Co-Doped NaYF4 Nanoparticles with Metal Shells”, J. Phys. Chem. C, Vol. 117, p. 1113 (2013).
  3. K. Imakita, M. Ito, R. Naruiwa, M. Fujii, and S. Hayashi, “Enhancement of Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical Response of Silicon Nanocrystals by Boron-Doping”, Optics Letters, Vol. 37, p. 1877 (2012).
  4. H. Sugimoto, M. Fujii, et al., “All-Inorganic Near-Infrared Luminescent Colloidal Silicon Nanocrystals-High Dispersibility in Polar Liquid by Phosphorus and Boron Co-doping”, J. Phys. Chem. C, Vol.116, p.17969 (2012).
  5. Y. Miwa, H.-T. Sun, K. Imakita, M. Fujii, et al., “Sensitized Broadband Near-Infrared Luminescence from Bismuth-Doped Silicon-Rich Silica Films”, Optics Letters, Vol. 36, p. 4221 (2011).